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Trusted installation and servicing

The first and most important thing to identify is what treatment is necessary and a representative water analysis is needed so that we can supply, install and test your plant.


Water may be derived from many different sources such as boreholes, wells, springs, rainwater collection or direct abstraction from streams & rivers. All will have different characteristics.


The make-up of your water will depend upon the type of ground the water has passed through or over before abstraction. Water will dissolve and carry minerals, organic compounds, and other contaminants. Some will be quite safe and others harmful.


To ensure a safe drinking water supply The Private Water Regulations 2009 sets out maximum prescribed concentrations or values for chemical and microbiological parameters that are safe for water supplies intended for human consumption.


The fundamental requirement for the treatment of any water supply is filtration and disinfection.


Domestic type treatment typically consists of cartridge filtration followed by UV disinfection, with other specialist filters as needed.


Analysis might show there is a need to filter some heavy metals or to adjust the pH level. The process might need:


• Iron reduction


• Manganese reduction


• Colour removal


• Hardness reduction


• Turbidity reduction


• pH adjustment


When installing a new plant it is important to consider things like freezing, access for servicing, sustaining a continuous supply and safety.


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Choose us to install your new water system and you can rely on excellent service and ongoing care. We record the details of each system so that we can offer timely maintenance as it is needed. Whether you need a completely new water system installed or require repairs on an existing setup we are here to provide solutions to all of your water needs.

Installations & Upgrades


Upgrades can be needed:


• to enhance existing treatment equipment perhaps to treat another non-complying element


• to increase the capacity of existing plant


• to increase the pressure of an existing supply


• to increase storage capacity


• to move the existing kit to a new location

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