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Water system design solutions:

All of our ‘servicing customers’ have a record in our secure service database.


This record enables us to send reminders when the next service will be due, our helpful service engineer contact you.


If, at a service visit our engineer finds something else on the system that needs attention, he will either advise you immediately, fix the problem straight away with your authority or send you an advisory note.


For our customers who use certain water treatment or conditioning chemicals our log and database has algorithms for calculating when a particular chemical needs replenishing, thus a warning is flagged.


Where specialist filters are included in your plant we will take water samples for analysis to keep you informed about your treated water standard the specialist filter is dealing with.


Our planned maintenance servicing service is very useful to our busy customers or those who just want us to be there when needed.



Q  Why does the equipment need servicing?


A1 - because a UV lamp for instance has a finite life after which it will not disinfect adequately


A2 - because, filters, if they are doing their job correctly will collect microscopic clusters of material that will decay and can produce toxins


A3 - because filters can become fouled to such an extent that they will reduce flows and pressure


A4 - because it reduces the risk of producing unsafe drinking water





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